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Category: Red Hood

The Trial Of Batwoman

The Trial Of Batwoman

  It’s not every day Batman calls the entire family into the batcave. So glad Red Hood was invited. From – Detective Comics Vol. 1 #975

Batman VS Bane (Rebirth)

Batman VS Bane (Rebirth)

After enduring a massive beatdown, Batman beats Bane by a head butt. I feel cheated. From – Batman Vol. 3 #20

red hood and the outlaws vol 2 #18

My Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol. 2 #18

The ailment that’s been plaguing Bizarro is still not revealed in this issue, although we learn that he orchestrated the whole mission with the Suicide Squad just to get his […]

Artemis VS Harley Quinn (Rebirth)

Artemis VS Harley Quinn (Rebirth)

  At first I was disappointed the fight between Artemis and Harley Quinn wasn’t shown, but then I thought about it, and I realized it would have been boring. 1 […]