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Category: Sinestro

Arkillo Saves Guy Gardner's Father

Arkillo Saves Guy Gardner’s Father

  Arkillo’s really turned a corner here. From wanting to kill Green Lanterns to risking his life trying to save the father of one. From – Hal Jordan And The Green […]

Darkstar Guy Gardner VS Arkillo

Darkstar Guy Gardner VS Arkillo

  Arkillo admits how Guy Gardner saved him and offered him a 2nd chance. I didn’t realize Arkillo was capable of that emotional outburst. If the Darkstar armor amplifies the […]

Death Of Sinestro (Injustice II)

Death Of Sinestro (Injustice II)

  Sinestro dies at the hands of his mind controlled daughter, Soranik Natu. I personally don’t feel Sinestro deserves a redemption arc in this universe, with his killing of Kyle […]