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Category: Beast


Young Beast VS Medusa (IVX)

Sorta cool how Medusa is using her hair. Haven’t read a lot of Inhuman comics so not really updated with her, but I would have to rethink my original thought […]


Storm Takes Out Beast (IVX)

Beast, as usual, proves to be a traitor to his kind. Good to see at least that the usual neutral Storm is the one who takes him out. From – […]


Cyclops’s Funeral

  Strange why he was buried in Muir Island, I sorta thought he’d be buried with the other X-men in Westchester like the other fallen X-men. That epitaph though… From […]

Hawkeye Kills Bruce Banner (Civil War II)

Hawkeye Kills Bruce Banner (Civil War II)

  Ulysses, the Inhuman who has visions of the future, saw a possible future where the Hulk kills everyone. Iron Man and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) brought their teams to […]