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Category: Wolverine

Old Man Logan Kills Sabretooth

Old Man Logan Kills Sabretooth

I remember. In my world… the future I come from… you missed our little birthday meeting for decades. The villains had killed everyone else… so I figured you ticked off […]

Why Old Man Logan Needs Sabretooth

Why Old Man Logan Needs Sabretooth

Back in the bad old days — off in the future I come from — when I thought every baddie I ever fought was crashin’ into the X-mansion — you […]

Weapon X Using Nuke Pills

Weapon X Using Nuke Pills

  I like it that Domino and Warpath finally kissed while under the influence of drugs. Closest thing to a drunken hookup. From – Weapon X Vol. 3 #14

Sabretooth Becomes Leader Of Weapon X

Sabretooth Becomes Leader Of Weapon X

  3 pages in and I’m already loving Sabretooth as the leader, especially that part where he wants Warpath to drop and give him twenty pushups. From – Weapon X Vol. […]