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Category: Wolverine

Doctor Doom (Old Woman Laura)

Doctor Doom (Old Woman Laura)

  So in this future, Doctor Doom just has Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield, Spider-man’s costume, and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, decorating his throne room. From – All New Wolverine #34

Daken Kills Laura Kinney's Mother

Daken Kills Laura Kinney’s Mother

Actually, Daken kills Laura Kinney’s cloned mom by the Orphans of X. Incredible! Daken could have shouted she’s not real way before All New Wolverine beat him up so bad. […]

Gabrielle Kinney As Wolverine In The Future

All New Wolverine #33

Gabrielle Kinney’s bone claws are replaced with laser claws. Nice. From – All New Wolverine #33

Laura Kinney As Queen Of Madripoor

Laura Kinney As Queen Of Madripoor

Marvel’s trying out an Old Woman Laura story line. So it’s the future, and Laura Kinney is the queen of Madripoor while the Honey Badger Gabrielle Kinney is now the […]