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Category: My Comics

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #11

  Extra large issue for this Uncanny X-men issue, featuring the formal return of Cyclops taking the helm of the X-Men again. Bonus of having Wolverine appear as well and […]

My Adventures Of The Super Sons #7

  I’ve actually stopped reading this after the third issue, I think? Just waiting for it to be finished and I’ll read it all in one go. Not really sold […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 Annual 1

  Uncanny X-Men Volume 5 Annual 1 details how Cyclops came back from the dead with a little assist from Kid Cable, and a person he saved from certain death […]

My Shazam Volume 3 #1

  Excited to dive in to another series by Geoff Johns. I love his take on Shazam after the New 52 reboot and happy to see it’s being continued in […]

My Alternate Worlds Comics Haul

  Another store I visited during my Australian trip was Alternate Worlds. They have these hundreds of storage boxes full of old issues. I was under a budget so I […]

My Comics R Us Haul

  Had a decent haul from Comics R’ UsĀ  during my vacation in Australia. Got several X-Men Legacy volume 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws volume 2, and was able […]

My Superior Octopus #1

  I absolutely love the Superior Spider-Man series, so I was ecstatic to see a reformed Doctor Octopus, now going by Superior Octopus, having his own series and protecting San […]

My Adventures Of The Super Sons #1

  Really bummed that DC canceled the Super Sons comic series when it was just really starting to get good. At least they followed it up with the Adventures of […]