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Category: My Comics

My Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 #3

  The Superior Spider-Man continues his battle with Terrax, a Darkseid look alike who came to San Francisco to conquer the planet. In the last issue, Otto Octavius got trashed […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #13

  I hope Magneto is included in this kill list of the X-men as a precaution, I’d much prefer he work with Cyclops like in the Utopia days. Mystique’s here […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #14

  Such a badass cover, it even makes Cyclops’ 90’s costume look cool. Rosenberg’s doing a good job of writing this latest incarnation of Cyclops and the X-men.

My The Batman Who Laughs #2

  Another twisted evil Batman from a different dimension is introduced here, the Grim Knight. It’s like a the Punisher being combined with Batman, who used all resources of Wayne […]