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Category: My Comics

My Batman Volume 3 #50

This was hyped as the issue where Batman finally weds his love Catwoman. Instead, she ditched him at the last minute because of unknown reasons.

My Nightwing Vol. 3 #29

  Today was a good day. Bought several comics from someone selling his collection and this Nightwing Vol 3 issue 29 is the last one missing from my Nightwing New […]

My Superior Spider-Man #3

  Finally found the last two issue that I’ve been missing from my Superior Spider-Man collection. Not a lot of fans liked Doctor Octopus’ run as Spider-Man but I found […]

My Super Sons #16

  At first I was sad that this is the last issue of their comic series, but turns out there’s going to be a 12 part mini series about them […]

My Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol. 2 #19

  Artemis looks gorgeous in fancy clothes. No surprise right? It’s date night for her and Red Hood Jason Todd while Bizarro is left to his own devices. It’s still […]

My Super Sons #14

  Robin fights his mother Talia al Ghul, who attempts to assassinate Lois Lane. We have a cool scene where Superboy saves his mom from a sniper bullet, and a […]