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Category: My Comics

My Archie #28

  Archie Andrews picks up the pieces after his break up with Veronica Lodge, and being turned down by Betty Cooper.

My Super Sons #13

  Damian Wayne’s first day in the same school as his pal Jonathan Samuel Kent. This is also Superboy’s first meeting with Robin’s mom, Talia al Ghul.

super sons #12

My Super Sons #12

  The finale to the Super Sons of Tomorrow story arc! We get to see Robin admit (again) that Superboy is his friend and not a lackey. The Teen Titans […]

archie volume 2 #27

My Archie #27

Archie Andrews makes a choice between Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper in this issue, with a little help from Jughead.

red hood and the outlaws vol 2 #18

My Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol. 2 #18

The ailment that’s been plaguing Bizarro is still not revealed in this issue, although we learn that he orchestrated the whole mission with the Suicide Squad just to get his […]

comic odyssey sale

My Comic Odyssey Haul (Jan. 2018)

  Comic Odyssey Robinson’s Galleria is moving to a large space, hence an awesome sale for all of their old issues — P25 for each comic! Took the chance to […]

phoenix Resurrection #1

My Phoenix Ressurection #1

  Reaaaaally hoping she brings back the original Cyclops, so that time displaced teenager version of his can go back to his original time.

batman volume 3 #37 date night

My Batman Vol. 3 #37

  Got my copy of Batman Volume 3 #37. It’s not in my current pull list but I made an exception for this and issue #36 because of the great […]

super sons tim drake from the future

My Super Sons #11

  The Titans of Tomorrow makes their first appearance after the New 52 reboot in this issue. Can’t wait to see what the future Superboy, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash […]

My Archie #26

  Archie Andrews has to decide, once and for all, who he loves more: Betty or Veronica? And also, Dilton Doiley finally professes his love to Betty Cooper.

My Batman Volume 3 #36

  I’m not collecting Batman Volume 3 issues but I bought issue 36 because I absolutely loved the story. I’ve had my problems with some of Tom King’s interpretation of […]