For the next few days, I’ll be featuring posts from the ongoing comic series Injustice: Gods Among Us. It’s set in an alternate DC universe where the premise is Superman goes mad and takes over the world as a dictator after witnessing the destruction of Metropolis by the Joker, and accidentally killing his pregnant wife Lois after being tricked by… you guessed it. The Joker. Anyway, Batman tries at first to dissuade Superman from this dark path. When the Man of Steel proves intractable, the Dark Knight starts a rebellion against Superman’s regime. Both individuals are joined by other heroes who share their convictions and a whole scale war is waged where both sides suffers losses. A game created by NetherRealm Studios, creators of the acclaimed Mortal  Kombat fighting game, has been released following the same storyline.


A complete list of all Injustice Gods Among Us posts in chronological order.

Injustice Gods Among Us 1

Year I

  1. You Can’t Surprise Batman
  2. How To Make Batman Smile
  3. The Joker Kills Jimmy Olsen (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. Doomsday (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  5. The Flash Carrying Batman
  6. Death of Lois Lane
  7. How Joker Destroyed Metropolis
  8. Batman Interrogates The Joker
  9. The Joker Unleashing Superman
  10. Superman VS Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  11. How Superman Beat Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  12. Superman Kills The Joker
  13. Green Arrow VS Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  14. Why You Need A Boxing Glove Arrow
  15. A Better Name Than The Arrow Cave
  16. Harley Quinn On Relationships
  17. How To Hurt Superman
  18. Parents Are Off Limits
  19. Wonder Woman Kicks Ass
  20. What Wonder Woman Does With Tanks
  21. Superman and Wonder Woman Together
  22. God of War’s New Title
  23. Superman Reveals His Secret Identity (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  24. Nightwing’s Advice on Fighting Criminals
  25. Superman and Batman Debating About Killing Criminals
  26. Aquaman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  27. Wonder Woman Sucker Punches Aquaman
  28. Batman Loves The Joker
  29. Superman Burns Batman
  30. Alfred Pennyworth Puts Superman In His Place
  31. The Kraken (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  32. Superweapon of Atlantis
  33. Aquaman Challenges Superman
  34. Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us #12)
  35. How Superman Forced Aquaman To Surrender
  36. The Flash (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  37. The Flash Runs The Nullarbor
  38. How Superman Screwed With Two-Face
  39. Batman’s Child Soldiers
  40. A Date With Wonder Woman
  41. Victor Zsasz (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  42. Batman Infects Cyborg With A Virus (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  43. Harley Quinn (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  44. Solomon Grundy VS Wonder Woman (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  45. Superman VS Solomon Grundy (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  46. Batman (Injustice Gods Among Us #16)
  47. Batman VS Solomon Grundy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  48. Robin VS The Riddler (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  49. Robin Kills Nightwing (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  50. Batman’s Reaction To Nightwing’s Death
  51. Death of Nightwing
  52. Superman and Batman Are Scared of Talking
  53. How Batman Mourned Nightwing (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  54. How Superman Fixed The Israel-Palestine Conflict
  55. Batman Defends Catwoman Against the President 
  56. How Lex Luthor Joined The Justice League
  57. Cyborg VS Black Adam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  58. How To Defeat Black Adam
  59. Hawkgirl (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  60. Superman Kills Kalibak
  61. Batman (Injustice Gods Among Us #24)
  62. Huntress Slips Batman’s Name
  63. Batman Reveals His Secret Identity To His Team (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  64. Batman’s Team (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  65. Flash Explains Why Banning Weapons Won’t Promote Peace
  66. Superman’s Team (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  67. Superman Reveals Batman’s Secret Identity
  68. Batman’s Bug Out List
  69. Martian Manhunter Shows Superman He’s Wrong
  70. Wonder Woman VS Martian Manhunter (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  71. Don’t Disappoint Superman
  72. Captain Atom VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  73. Wonder Woman Kills Captain Atom (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  74. Captain Atom Takes Out Superman And Wonder Woman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  75. Superman Kills Green Arrow (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  76. Jor-El Gives Advise to Superman
  77. Catwoman Loves Batman
  78. Superman Thinks Batman Is Crazy
  79. Superman Broke The Bat
  80. Superman Broke The Bat 2
  81. Superman Tortures For The Greater Good
  82. Alfred Pennyworth VS Superman

Year II

  1. Black Canary Attacks Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  2. Kyle Rayner (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  3. Zatanna (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. Sinestro Kills Kyle Rayner
  5. Oa (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  6. What Guy Gardner Thinks Of Superman
  7. Oracle (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  8. Superman Attacks Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  9. Why Superman Doesn’t Trust The Guardians
  10. John Stewart (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  11. Jim Gordon Knows His Daughter Is Batgirl (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  12. Birds Of Prey (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  13. Green Lantern Corps Arrests Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  14. Hal Jordan Defends Superman From The Guardians
  15. Billy Batson Transforms Into Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  16. Superman Attacks The Green Lantern Corps (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  17. How A Squirrel Beat Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  18. The Sinestro Corps Sides With Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  19. Kilowog Surrenders To Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  20. Kilowog Surrenders His Ring To Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  21. Commisioner Gordon Gets Super Powers (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  22. Black Canary VS Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  23. Harley Quinn’s Secret Pregnancy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  24. Jim Gordon Declares War On Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  25. Sinestro Kills Despero (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  26. Harley Quinn’s Gifts To Black Canary’s Baby
  27. The Green Lantern Corps Bring Their Secret Weapon (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  28. Superman And The Sinestro Corps
  29. Guy Gardner Parleys With Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  30. When Mogo Is Allowed To Kill
  31. Mogo (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  32. How Batman’s Team Took Out The Flash
  33. Guy Gardner Still Believes In Hal Jordan
  34. Hal Jordan Joins The Sinestro Corps (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  35. Jim Gordon VS Cyborg (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  36. Ganthet VS Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  37. Ganthet VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  38. Black Canary Takes Down Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  39. Ganthet VS Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  40. Harley Quinn Tortures The Flash (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  41. Superman With A Sinestro Corps Ring (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  42. Sinestro Kills John Stewart (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  43. Hal Jordan Kills Guy Gardner (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  44. Superman Kills Ganthet And Mogo (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  45. Doctor Fate Reunites Green Arrow And Black Canary (Injustice Gods Among Us)

Year III

  1. Doctor Fate (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  2. Detective Chimp (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  3. John Constantine’s Daughter
  4. Trigon Owns Part Of Constantine’s Soul (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  5. Batman Meets John Constantine And Chaz
  6. John Constantine Jokes About Batman
  7. Constantine Captured Raven
  8. Why Constantine Is Against Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  9. Harley Quinn Tries To Bond With The Flash
  10. Jason Blood (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  11. The Spectre Kills Jason Blood And Harvey Bullock
  12. The Spectre (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  13. Etrigan (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  14. Batman Takes Out Constantine With One Punch
  15. Batman Confronts The Spectre
  16. John Constantine’s Tattoos
  17. Harley Quinn Scolds Doctor Fate
  18. Superman Approves Of Torture
  19. The Spectre Joins Superman’s Side
  20. Why Rose Constantine Is Special
  21. Madame Xanadu Hates John Constantine
  22. Batman And Constantine Bonds
  23. Madame Xanadu’s Secret Lover
  24. Madame Xanadu Looks For Information Against Superman
  25. The Spectre Approves Of Superman’s Methods
  26. Superman Rescues Raven (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  27. Ragman Traps Superman
  28. Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us Year 3 #8)
  29. Shazam Rescues Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  30. The Spectre Punishes Ragman
  31. Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us 8)
  32. Deadman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  33. Deadman Possesses Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  34. How Deadman And Zatanna Rescued Constantine
  35. Deadman Parleys With The Spectre
  36. The Spectre Attacks Deadman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  37. Zatanna Makes Batman And Constantine Shut Up
  38. Constantine Wants To Hold Batman’s Hands
  39. Batman And Constantine Tries To Recruit Swamp Thing
  40. Rama Kushna (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  41. Deadman Chooses His Replacement (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  42. Nightwing As The New Deadman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  43. Constantine Admits To Knocking Out Wonder Woman
  44. The Spectre Attacks The Phantom Stranger
  45. Etrigan Attacks Superman
  46. Superman VS Etrigan (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  47. Batman Becomes Etrigan’s New Host (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  48. Etrigan Taunts Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  49. Batman Takes Out Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  50. The Spectre Kills The Phantom Stranger (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  51. Superman Calls Batman Bruce In Front Of The Joker
  52. Batman Kills The Joker (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  53. Baby Lara Lane-Kent (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  54. Superman Visits Batman In Jail (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  55. Lara Lane-Kent’s Powers (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  56. Lara Lane Kent Addresses The World
  57. Superman Flirts With Wonder Woman
  58. Wonder Woman’s Promise To Superman
  59. Wonder Woman Chokes Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  60. Wonder Woman VS Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  61. Superman’s Team Attacks The Tower Of Fate
  62. Batman Shows Superman Why Technique Matters
  63. Sinestro VS Catwoman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  64. Wonder Woman VS Batwoman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  65. Harley Quinn VS Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  66. Sinestro Kills Klarion (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  67. John Constantine Summons Trigon
  68. Trigon Attacks Superman’s Team (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  69. Why You Can’t Trust Trigon
  70. Batman Sees Deadwing For The First Time
  71. House Of Mystery (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  72. The Person Impersonating The Spectre (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  73. Mister Mxyzptlk VS Trigon (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  74. Why Mxyzptlk Is Helping Out Superman
  75. How Harley Quinn Deals With Prisoners
  76. Catwoman VS Wonder Woman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  77. Shazam VS Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  78. Batwoman VS Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  79. Renee Montoya VS Sinestro Corps Hal Jordan (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  80. Huntress VS Ares (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  81. What Nightwing Thinks Of Batman
  82. Dick Grayson Thanks Bruce Wayne
  83. Poison Ivy VS Swamp Thing (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  84. Batwoman And Huntress Takes Out Superman
  85. Wonder Woman Kills Huntress (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  86. Swamp Thing VS Poison Ivy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  87. Batwoman VS Wonder Woman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  88. Superman VS Batman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  89. Mister Mxyzptlk And Trigon’s Effect On Reality
  90. Shazam And Doctor Fate Banishes Trigon And Mister Mxyzptlk
  91. Constantine’s Real Plan (Injustice Gods Among Us)

Year IV

  1. Mt. Olympus (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  2. Ares Mocks Hercules
  3. Superman Starts Acting Like A Ruler
  4. Catwoman Quits The Birds Of Prey
  5. Harley Quinn Stalks Billy Batson
  6. Renee Montoya Takes Out Cyborg (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  7. Renee Montoya VS Robin (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  8. Renee Montoya (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  9. Harley Quinn Gets Billy Batson Out Of School
  10. Renee Montoya VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  11. How Hera Convinced Zeus To Challenge Superman
  12. Superman VS Renee Montoya (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  13. Death Of Renee Montoya (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  14. Superman Lets Bruce Wayne Escape
  15. Lex Luthor Heals Barbara Gordon’s Legs (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  16. Harley Quinn Takes Billy Batson To The Quiver
  17. Batgirl (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  18. Batgirl Joins Batman’s Team (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  19. The Problems Of Having Batman As A Father
  20. Amazon Army Standoff With Superman’s Team
  21. How Hera Gained Control Of The Amazon Army
  22. Wonder Woman Chooses Judgement By Combat
  23. Superman Trusts Lex Luthor
  24. Batman Chooses Wonder Woman As His Champion
  25. Superman Attacks Hermes
  26. Zeus (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  27. Superman VS Wonder Woman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  28. Reactions To Superman VS Wonder Woman
  29. Superman Fights Wonder Woman With Only One Hand
  30. Wonder Woman Beats Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  31. Batman Explains Why Wonder Woman Can Beat Superman
  32. Hermes Takes Out The Flash (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  33. The Gods Of Olympus Challenges Superman
  34. The Gods Of Olympus (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  35. Raven Mourns Trigon
  36. Lex Luthor Clones Superman
  37. Batman Backs Down From Hercules
  38. The Flash Takes On The Olympian Gods
  39. Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan VS Hercules
  40. Superman And Wonder Woman VS Hercules (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  41. Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  42. Shazam VS Hercules (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  43. Batwoman Attacks Wonder Woman
  44. Superman’s Outer Space Punch To Hercules
  45. Why Superman Was Able To Kill Hercules
  46. Apollo Takes Down Superman
  47. Shazam Takes Down Apollo
  48. Batman VS Robin (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  49. Damian Wayne Quits Being Robin
  50. Shazam Breaks Eros’s Wing
  51. Zeus Strips Shazam Of His Powers
  52. Harley Quinn Challenges Zeus
  53. Zeus Forces Superman To Stand Down
  54. How Ares Became The God Of War
  55. Harley Quinn And Billy Batson In Hell
  56. Poseidon Threatens Themyscira
  57. Poseidon Attacks Wonder Woman
  58. Aquaman And Mera VS Poseidon (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  59. Harley Quinn Starts A Fight In Tartarus
  60. Harley Quinn And Hippolyta Team Up In Tartarus
  61. Harley Quinn VS A Hecatonchire
  62. Harley Quinn VS Ares (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  63. Artemis (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  64. Zeus Reminds Poseidon Who’s Boss
  65. Superman VS Zeus (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  66. Superman Attacks Darkseid
  67. Zeus Declares War On All Religions
  68. Superman VS Darkseid (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  69. Darkseid VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  70. Billy Batson Thinks Harley Quinn Is A Badass
  71. Alfred Pennyworth’s Pep Talk To The Birds Of Prey
  72. Justice League VS Greek Gods (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  73. Hera Kills Artemis
  74. Batwoman’s Flying Kick To Hera
  75. Eros (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  76. Wonder Woman VS 2 Nuclear Missiles
  77. Highfather Stops Zeus
  78. Highfather Faces Off With Zeus

Year V

  1. Superman (Injustice Year 5 #1)
  2. Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan VS Parasite (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  3. Batman Recruits The Rogues
  4. Doomsday Lands On Earth
  5. Cyborg And Hal Jordan VS Parasite (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  6. Superman VS Doomsday (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  7. Bane (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  8. Superman And Bane VS Doomsday (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  9. Bane Wants To Work With Superman
  10. Superman Kills Parasite (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  11. Superman Declares “It’s Not A Democracy”
  12. Bizarro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  13. Wonder Woman Doesn’t Work With Criminals
  14. Catwoman VS Bane And Killer Frost (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  15. Bizarro Gets His Costume
  16. Damian Wayne As Nightwing (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  17. Nightwing (Damian Wayne) VS League Of Shadows Ninjas
  18. Bane VS Batman Decoy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  19. Batwoman And Harley Quinn VS Bane And Killer Frost VS Superman And Wonder Woman
  20. Batgirl Faces Off With Killer Croc
  21. Batman’s Special Move Against Bane
  22. Batman VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  23. Wonder Woman Punches Harley Quinn
  24. Batgirl And Catwoman VS Killer Croc (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  25. Cyborg VS Hawkman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  26. Wonder Woman VS Hawkman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  27. Hawkgirl VS Hawkman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  28. The Trickster (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  29. The Rogues VS Bizarro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  30. Bizarro Kills Heat Wave And Weather Wizard
  31. The Trickster Tricks Bizarro
  32. The Trickster Convinces Bizarro He’s Superman
  33. Members Of Superman’s Regime
  34. Lex Luthor Passes Superman’s Lie Detector Test
  35. Solomon Grundy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  36. Hawkgirl VS Solomon Grundy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  37. Superman Meets Bizarro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  38. Superman VS Bizarro VS Solomon Grundy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  39. Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan VS Bizarro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  40. Superman Decapitates Solomon Grundy
  41. Why Alfred Thinks Batman Will Beat Superman
  42. Harley Quinn Fails As A Cat Burglar
  43. Robin Takes Out Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  44. Robin VS Catwoman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  45. Robin VS Tweedle Dum (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  46. Nightwing’s Thoughts On Damian Wayne (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  47. Damian Wayne Becomes Nightwing
  48. Batman Wants Cookies
  49. Batwoman VS The Joker Underground
  50. Harley Quinn Recruits The Joker Underground
  51. Superman Kills The Joker Underground Group
  52. Bizarro Learns What A Cheeseburger Is
  53. The Trickster Beating Up Thugs (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  54. Bizarro Kills Innocents (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  55. How Bizarro Killed The Trickster (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  56. Cyborg (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  57. Superman Justifies Killing The Joker Underground
  58. Lex Luthor Meets Bizarro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  59. Doomsday Attacks Bizarro
  60. Bizarro And Doomsday VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  61. Doomsday Kills Bizarro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  62. Harley Quinn Gets Treated By Her Psychiatrist (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  63. The Flash Pays His Respects To Heatwave And Weather Wizard (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  64. How Harley Quinn Forced Billy Batson To Transform
  65. Harley Quinn Challenges Shazam To A Fight (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  66. Shazam VS Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5)
  67. Superman Threatens Alfred Pennyworth (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  68. Hawkman Joins Batman’s Team (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  69. Batman Celebrates Alfred Pennyworth’s Birthday (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  70. Victor Zsasz VS Alfred Pennyworth (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  71. Batman Hunts Down Victor Zsasz (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  72. Batman’s Vicious Beating To Victor Zsasz (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  73. Batman VS Nightwing Damian Wayne (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  74. Superman VS Batman (Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5)
  75. Nightwing (Damian Wayne) Tries To Kill Batman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  76. Batman VS Yellow Lantern (Hal Jordan) And Wonder Woman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  77. Why The Flash Helped Batman Escape The Regime
  78. Why Batman Wants The Flash To Change The Past (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  79. Alfred Pennyworth’s Birth Certificate (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  80. The Flash Stands Up To Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  81. The Flash Kills King Shark (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  82. Why Iris West Broke Up With The Flash (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  83. Why The Flash Refuses To Change The Past (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  84. Yellow Lantern (Hal Jordan) Punches Sinestro
  85. Superman VS Black Adam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  86. Black Adam Swears Allegiance To Superman’s Regime
  87. Hawkman VS Mongul (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  88. Batman And Batwoman VS Cyborg And Hawkgirl (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  89. Superman Recruits Raven (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  90. Hawkman’s Kryptonite Mace
  91. Hawkman VS Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  92. Superman Kills Hawkman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  93. Shazam, Hawkgirl And The Flash (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  94. Batgirls Hacks Cyborg (Injustice Gods Among Us) 33
  95. Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5)
  96. How Raven Saved Superman’s Regime (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  97. Batman Recruits Deathstroke (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  98. Deathstroke VS Soldiers Of The Regime (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  99. Metamorpho (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  100. Nightwing Kills Victor Zsasz (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  101. Deathstroke VS Metamorpho (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  102. Alfred Pennyworth’s Birthday Party (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  103. The Secret Society (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  104. Justice League VS Secret Society (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  105. Catwoman Betrays Batman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  106. Batman Lists All Of Superman’s Crimes (Injustice Gods Among Us) 40
  107. Did Superman Kill Batwoman? (Injustice Gods Among Us)

Year 0

  1. Justice League Watchtower (Injustice Year 0 #1)
  2. Justice Society Of America (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  3. Batman VS Wildcat (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. Superman’s Legacy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  5. Hawkgirl Possessed By Adophis (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  6. The Joker Hates Nazis (Injustice)
  7. The Justice Society Of America In World War 2 (Injustice)
  8. Justice Society Of America VS Yz (Injustice)
  9. Black Manta (Injustice Gods Among Us Year 0 #5)
  10. The Joker Wears The Amulet Of Apophis (Injustice)   5
  11. The Joker Takes Possession Of Green Lantern (Injustice)
  12. The Joker Kills Sandman (Injustice)
  13. The Joker Kills Green Lantern Alan Scott (Injustice)
  14. Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy (Injustice Year 0 #8)
  15. Poison Ivy Threatens The Joker (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  16. Harley Quinn Marries Poison Ivy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  17. The Joker Mind Controls Jay Garrick (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  18. Joker-Jay Garrick VS Wildcat (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  19. The Joker Kills The Flash Jay Garrick (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  20. Alfred Pennyworth Makes The Flash Clean The Batcave
  21. Justice League And Justice Society (Injustice Gods Among Us Year 0 #11)
  22. The Joker Mind Controls Dinah Drake (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  23. Superman ( Injustice Gods Among Us Year 0 #12)
  24. Hall Of Justice ( Injustice Gods Among Us Year 0 #12)
  25. The Joker Gains Super Powers (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  26. The Joker Appreciates The Boxing Glove Arrow
  27. The Joker Mind Controls Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  28. Superman Fights Off Mind Control (Injustice Gods Among Us)


Injustice: Ground Zero

  1. Harley Quinn (Injustice – Ground Zero #1)
  2. Superman Kills The Joker (Injustice Ground Zero)
  3. How The Joker Turned Superman Evil (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. Superman Breaks Batman’s Back (Injustice Ground Zero)
  5. Harley Quinn VS Man-Bat (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  6. Harley Quinn (Injustice – Ground Zero #3)
  7. Green Lantern VS Sinestro (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  8. Harley Quinn VS The Joker (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  9. Harley Quinn Reunites With The Joker (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  10. Nightwing And Hawkgirl (Injustice Ground Zero)
  11. Harley Quinn Taunts Nightwing (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  12. Batman Tortures The Joker (Injustice Ground Zero)
  13. Harley Quinn And Her Army VS Killer Croc’s Gang
  14. Killer Croc And Bane (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  15. Harley Quinn (Injustice Ground Zero #8)
  16. How Harley Quinn Took Down Bane (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  17. Harley Quinn VS Killer Croc (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  18. The Joker Seduces Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  19. Harley Quinn Ambushes Shazzam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  20. How Harley Quinn Tricked Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  21. Harley Quinn And The Konami Code   10
  22. Green Arrow VS Solomon Grundy (Injustice Gods Among Us)  10
  23. Nightwing (Damian Wayne) Vs Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)   10
  24. The Batmobile (Injustice Gods Among Us)  10
  25. Harley Quinn Meets Black Adam (Injustice Gods Among Us)  11
  26. Harley Quinn VS Black Adam (Injustice Gods Among Us)  11
  27. Shazam VS Black Adam (Injustice Gods Among Us)   12
  28. Shazam Likes Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)   12
  29. How Harley Quinn Broke Free From The Joker’s Control (Injustice Ground Zero)  16
  30. The Joker VS Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us)  17
  31. The Harley Horde (Injustice Gods Among Us)  20
  32. Superman Kills Shazam (Injustice Gods Among Us)  20
  33. Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Kiss (Injustice Gods Among Us)  21
  34. Superman (Injustice Ground Zero #22)  22
  35. Superman VS Injustice Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)   24


Injustice Gods Among Us 2

  1. Batman Visits Superman In Prison (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  2. Amanda Waller Makes Harley Quinn Join The Suicide Squad (Injustice Gods Among Us II)
  3. Connor Lance-Queen (Injustice Gods Among Us II)
  4. Connor Queen Shoots Doctor Fate (Injustice Gods Among Us II)
  5. Green Arrow And Black Canary VS Doctor Fate (Injustice Gods Among Us II)
  6. Batman Kills Amanda Waller And Rick Flag (Injustice II)
  7. How Fake Batman Took Over The Suicide Squad (Injustice II)
  8. Captain Boomerang And Deadshot (Injustice II)
  9. Batman VS Fake Batman (Injustice II)
  10. Black Canary Proposes To Green Arrow (Injustice II)
  11. How Rich Lex Luthor Is (Injustice II)
  12. Batman’s Contingency Against Superman (Injustice II)
  13. Batgirl, Black Canary And Green Arrow VS Killer Croc (Injustice II)
  14. Harley Quinn’s Reunion With Green Arrow And Black Canary (Injustice II)
  15. The Suicide Squad (Injustice II)
  16. The Atom Takes Down Superman (Injustice II)
  17. Harley Quinn And Green Arrow Were Lovers? (Injustice II)
  18. How Harley Quinn Changed The Arrow Cave Into The Quiver (Injustice II)
  19. Athanasia Al Ghul (Injustice II)
  20. Ra’s al Ghul’s Team (Injustice II)
  21. Harley Quinn’s Daughter (Injustice II)
  22. Harley Quinn Head Butts Ra’s al Ghul (Injustice II)
  23. Harley Quinn Feels Guilty About Metropolis (Injustice II)
  24. Damian Wayne Takes Batman’s Trial (Injustice II)
  25. How Damian Wayne Passed Batman’s Trial (Injustice II)
  26. Ted Kord Trains Jaime Reyes As Blue Beetle (Injustice II)
  27. Batman Recruits Blue Beetle Ted Kord (Injustice II)
  28. Booster Gold Says Good Bye To Blue Beetle (Injustice II)
  29. Blue Beetle VS Nightwing, Katana And Deadshot (Injustice II)
  30. Batman’s Secret Group (Injustice II)
  31. Steel (Injustice II)
  32. Death Of Blue Beetle (Injustice II)
  33. Brainiac Attacks Krypton (Injustice II)
  34. Supergirl Arrives On Earth (Injustice II)
  35. Black Adam Defending Kahndaq (Injustice II)
  36. Black Adam (Injustice II)
  37. How Black Adam Recruited Supergirl (Injustice II)
  38. Jaime Reyes Meets Bruce Wayne (Injustice II)
  39. Wildcat Walks Black Canary Down The Aisle (Injustice II)
  40. Connor Lance-Queen As Ring Bearer (Injustice II)
  41. Deadshot Kidnaps Connor Lance-Queen (Injustice II)
  42. Damian Wayne Uses A Lazarus Pit On Alfred Pennyworth (Injustice II)
  43. Damian Wayne Resurrects Alfred Pennyworth (Injustice II)
  44. Green Arrow Punches Batman (Injustice II)
  45. Why Plastic Man Is Important (Injustice II)
  46. Batman Plays Hide And Seek With Plastic Man’s Son
  47. Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes (Injustice II)
  48. Batman Recruits Plastic Man (Injustice II)
  49. Blue Beetle Joins Batman’s Team (Injustice II)
  50. Steel (Injustice II)
  51. Batgirl Breaks The Sound Barrier (Injustice II)
  52. Plastic Man And Son VS League Of Assassins Ninjas (Injustice II)
  53. Why Animal Man Joined Ra’s Al Ghul’s Side (Injustice II)
  54. Animal Man Describes Batman’s Problem (Injustice II)
  55. Animal Man Kills Poachers (Injustice II)
  56. Batman And Wildcat (Injustice II)
  57. How The Atom Saved Harley Quinn (Injustice II)
  58. Wildcat VS Fake Batman (Injustice II)
  59. The Green Canary (Injustice II)
  60. Death of John Henry Irons (Injustice II)
  61. Batman (Injustice II #21)
  62. How Batman Defeated Poison Ivy (Injustice II)
  63. Harley Quinn Kisses Poison Ivy (Injustice II)
  64. Batman VS Nightwing (Injustice II)
  65. Batman And Alfred Pennyworth Reunites (Injustice II)
  66. Vixen (Injustice II)
  67. Blue Beetle Kills El Diablo (Injustice II)
  68. Batman Has A Daughter (Injustice II)
  69. Aqualad Kills The President (Injustice II)
  70. Amazo (Injustice II)
  71. Ra’s Al Ghul, Solovar And Gorilla Grodd (Injustice II)
  72. Black Adam Trains Supergirl To Fly (Injustice II)
  73. Damian Wayne Meets Supergirl (Injustice II)
  74. Supergirl And Nightwing Team Up (Injustice II)
  75. Why Black Adam Recruited Damian Wayne (Injustice II)
  76. Wonder Woman (Injustice 2 #26)
  77. Black Lightning Becomes The President (Injustice II)
  78. Batman (Injustice 2 #28)
  79. Catwoman Meets Brother Eye (Injustice II)
  80. Wonder Woman Imprisoned By The Amazons (Injustice II)
  81. Nubia As Wonder Woman (Injustice II)
  82. Antiope Betrays Queen Hippolyta (Injustice II)
  83. Wonder Woman Nubia And The Amazons (Injustice II)
  84. Wonder Woman Nubia (Injustice II)
  85. Supergirl Rescues Wonder Woman (Injustice II)
  86. Supergirl And Wonder Woman VS Nubia (Injustice II)
  87. Supergirl (Injustice II #31)
  88. How Batman Punished The Flash (Injustice II)
  89. Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy (Injustice II)
  90. Amazo Massacres An Entire Town (Injustice II)
  91. Dex-Starr Joins The Red Lantern Corps (Injustice II)
  92. Batman Adopts Bat-Dog (Injustice II)
  93. Plastic Man And Son Breaks Into The Fortress Of Solitude (Injustice II)
  94. Superman’s Eradicators (Injustice II)
  95. Green Arrow And Black Canary VS Eradicator (Injustice II)
  96. The Kents Hate Harley Quinn (Injustice II)
  97. The Teen Titans In The Phantom Zone (Injustice II)
  98. The Teen Titans (Injustice II)
  99. Batman And Red Robin Reunites (Injustice II)
  100. General Zod Kills Red Robin (Injustice II)
  101. Batman’s Team VS General Zod (Injustice II)
  102. General Zod (Injustice II)
  103. Batman Poisons Zod With Fear Gas (Injustice II)
  104. General Zod’s Hallucinations From Fear Gas (Injustice II)
  105. Amazo Kills General Zod (Injustice II)
  106. Batman Kills Wild Cat (Injustice II)?
  107. Wildcat Has Nine Lives (Injustice II)
  108. Doctor Mid-Nite (Injustice II)
  109. Doctor Mid-Nite Operates On Superboy (Injustice II)
  110. Blue Beetle Leaves His Fortune To Booster Gold (Injustice II)
  111. Supergirl (Injustice II #41)
  112. Killer Croc And Orca Are Having A Baby (Injustice II)
  113. Gorilla Grodd Challenges Solovar (Injustice II)
  114. Ra’s Al Ghul And Family (Injustice II)
  115. Suicide Squad VS Gorillas (Injustice II)
  116. Killer Croc Loves Orca (Injustice II)
  117. Amazo VS Gorilla Grodd (Injustice II)
  118. Supergirl Trains With Black Adam (Injustice II)
  119. Amazo Destroys Delhi (Injustice II)
  120. Superboy Dons The Superman Costume (Injustice II)
  121. Batman’s Team VS Amazo (Injustice II)
  122. Teen Titans (Injustice II #45)
  123. Green Arrow’s Most Powerful Arrow (Injustice II)
  124. Wonder Woman Saves Batman From Amazo (Injustice II)
  125. Batman, Wonder Woman And Superboy (Injustice II)
  126. Jason Todd Is The Fake Batman (Injustice II)
  127. The Atom Ray Palmer And Ryan Choi (Injustice II)
  128. The Atom VS Amazo (Injustice II)
  129. Supergirl (Injustice II #47)
  130. Supergirl VS Amazo (Injustice II)
  131. Wonder Woman And Wonder Girl (Injustice II)
  132. Harley Quinn Meets Booster Gold (Injustice II)
  133. Blue Beetle Meets Supergirl (Injustice II)
  134. Animal Man Dies (Injustice II)
  135. Talia al Ghul Betrays Her Father (Injustice II)
  136. Athanasia Al Ghul Shot Catwoman (Injustice II)
  137. Batman Loves Alfred More Than Catwoman (Injustice II)
  138. Athanasia Al Ghul (Injustice II #51)
  139. Hal Jordan’s Punishment From The Guardians (Injustice II)
  140. Guy Gardner Mocks The Guardians Of The Universe (Injustice II)
  141. Green Lantern Soranik Natu (Injustice II)
  142. Hal Jordan Feels Guilty About Guy Gardner (Injustice II)
  143. Dex-Starr (Injustice II #53)
  144. Sinestro’s Wife Commits Suicide (Injustice II)
  145. Red Lantern Corps (Injustice II)
  146. Red Lantern Hal Jordan (Injustice II)
  147. Hal Jordan Joins The Red Lanterns (Injustice II)
  148. Starro Joins The Red Lantern Corps (Injustice II)
  149. The Titans Recruit Blue Beetle (Injustice II)
  150. Lobo VS Booster Gold (Injustice II)
  151. The Titans (Injustice II #57)
  152. Metron (Injustice II)
  153. Red Lantern Starro (Injustice II #59)
  154. How Hal Jordan Broke Free From Starro (Injustice II)
  155. Hal Jordan Cuts Off His Own Finger (Injustice II)
  156. The Titans Meet Lobo (Injustice II)
  157. Booster Gold Bonds With Jaime Reyes (Injustice II)
  158. Starro Mind Controlling The Green Lantern Corps (Injustice II)
  159. Titans And Lobo (Injustice II)
  160. Atrocitus Cuts Lobo In Half (Injustice II)
  161. Hal Jordan Becomes A Green Lantern Again (Injustice II)
  162. Sinestro Becomes A Green Lantern Again (Injustice II)
  163. Green Lantern Corps VS Red Lantern Corps (Injustice II)
  164. Lobo Wearing A Green Lantern Ring (Injustice II)
  165. Green Lantern Lobo Kicks Dex-Starr (Injustice II)
  166. Green Lantern Lobo Hits Atrocitus With A Giant Dildo (Injustice II)
  167. Hal Jordan Is Sinestro’s Best Student (Injustice II)
  168. Booster Gold (Injustice 2 #63)
  169. Green Lantern Hal Jordan VS Sayd (Injustice II)
  170. Death Of Sinestro (Injustice II)
  171. Brainiac (Injustice II #64)
  172. Superboy And Wonder Girl VS Brainiac’s Robots (Injustice II)
  173. Brainiac Tortures Superboy (Injustice II)
  174. The Legion of Super-Heroes (Injustice II)
  175. How A Blue Beetle Defeated Starro (Injustice II)
  176. Death Of Booster Gold (Injustice II)
  177. Blue Beetle Ted Kord (Injustice II)
  178. Brainiac (Injustice II #67)
  179. Gorilla Grodd (Injustice II #68)
  180. Killer Croc Proposes To Orca (Injustice II)
  181. Killer Croc And Orca’s Wedding (Injustice II)
  182. Killer Croc Bites Off Ra’s Al Ghul’s Hand (Injustice II)
  183. Deadshot Kills Solovar (Injustice II)
  184. Batman Reading Immanuel Kant (Injustice II)
  185. Gorilla Grodd Kills Ra’s Al Ghul (Injustice II)


Annual 1

  1. Lobo (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  2. Superman VS Lobo (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  3. Harley Quinn Meets Lobo (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. Harley Quinn Takes The Super Pill
  5. Green Arrow Spars With Black Canary
  6. Harley Quinn Back In The Arrow Cave
  7. How Harley Quinn Beat Lobo
  8. Harley Quinn Forces Lobo Into Therapy
  9. How To Goad Darkseid Into A Fight

Annual 2

  1. How Jim Gordon’s Wife Died (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  2. Clayface’s Secret Agenda
  3. Birds Of Prey VS Clayface (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. How Harley Quinn Dealt With Clayface
  5. Sinestro Compares Himself To Superman
  6. How Sinestro Gained Hal Jordan’s Trust (Injustice Gods Among Us)

Annual 3

  1. How Beast Boy And Kid Flash Died
  2. Superboy Loses Faith In Superman
  3. Funeral Of Kid Flash And Beast Boy
  4. Superman VS Superboy (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  5. Superman VS The Teen Titans (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  6. How Superman Took Out The Teen Titans

Annual 4

  1. Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us Annual 4)
  2. Plastic Man Points Out Why Superman Is A Villain
  3. Plastic Man Takes Out The Flash (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  4. Plastic Man Joined The Justice League (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  5. Kilowog Picks A Fight With Bane
  6. Metamorpho (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  7. Sinestro Kills Kilowog (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  8. How Plastic Man Freed Superman’s Prisoners


Annual 5

  1. Harley Quinn As Doctor Harleen Quinzel
  2. Harley Quinn Becomes The Leader Of The Joker Clan
  3. Harley Quinn (Injustice Gods Among Us Annual #5)
  4. Wonder Woman VS Ares (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  5. Ares Joins Superman’s Regime (Injustice Gods Among Us)
  6. How Black Lightning Cleared Metropolis Of Radiation

Injustice II Annual 1

  1. Wonder Woman Meets Steve Trevor (Injustice II)
  2. Wonder Woman Fights In World War II (Injustice II)
  3. Wonder Woman Kills Steve Trevor (Injustice II)
  4. Harley Horde VS Suicide Squad (Injustice II)
  5. Deadshot Kills The Harley Horde
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