taking down cyborg

The Riddler: Hmm.. Riddle me this–
Cyborg: No. You don’t get to play your sick games anymore.
Batman: Where are you taking them?
Superman: A secure facility, far away, where they won’t be able to hurt anyone ever again. That’s all you need to know.
Batman: No more doors, Cyborg. Only warning.
Cyborg: Time to go, Riddler. Door–

taking down cyborg 2 taking down cyborg 3

Superman: What did you do?
Cyborg: Nnn… V… Virus.
Wonder Woman: Batman! Stop this!
Robin: What the hell is wrong with you??
Nightwing: Okay, that’s enough. Everyone. Let’s just calm down. We don’t want to look bad in front of the psychopaths.

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From – Injustice Gods Among Us #15

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