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Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

  Batman explains to the Bat family that Joker is bluffing, that he doesn’t know their secret identities or how it’s impossible for Joker to be able to infiltrate the […]

Flashpoint Batman VS The Bat Family

Flashpoint Batman VS The Bat Family

  Thomas Wayne Batman is a beast, being able to defeat the Bat family comprised of Batwoman, Batgirl, Orphan, Red Robin, Robin, Huntress and the Signal. Orphan alone is such […]

The Shazam Who Laughs

The Shazam Who Laughs

  The Batman Who Laughs turned Billy Batson into the Shazam Who Laughs. From – Batman / Superman Vol. 2 #1

Robin VS Batman (Thomas Wayne)

Robin VS Batman (Thomas Wayne)

  Thomas Wayne Batman was able to defeat his son Bruce Wayne, so it stands to reason that he can also easily defeat his grandson, Robin Damian Wayne. From – Batman […]

Robin VS Gotham Girl

Robin VS Gotham Girl

    Robin Damian Wayne takes on the powerhouse Gotham Girl, who pretty much has the same powers as Superman. Damian defeats her by using a magic wand from Klarion. […]

Cyborg Kills Giganta (DCeased)

Cyborg Kills Giganta (DCeased)

  Superman and Wonder Woman did the heavy damage on the large zombified Giganta, but it was Cyborg who took the headshot and permanently put her down, despite Superman’s protests […]