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Category: WWE

How Triple H Hired AJ Styles To WWE

How Triple H Hired AJ Styles To WWE

  AJ Styles meets up with Triple H aboard a yacht in international waters, not sure why they couldn’t just meet in a hotel lobby or restaurant but here we […]

Kevin Owens Ambushes Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens Ambushes Seth Rollins

  I can’t get enough of the silly and goofy expressions that Seth Rollins makes. Look at that stink eye he gives Triple H after giving Owens a DDT. From […]

Seth Rollins Redesigns Himself

Seth Rollins Redesigns Himself

That giddy expression of Seth Rollins just kills me. Seeing Shawn Michaels’ classic Wrestlemania match with Ric Flair just turned Rollins into a wide eyed fanboy. From – WWE #3