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archie volume 2 #27

My Archie #27

Archie Andrews makes a choice between Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper in this issue, with a little help from Jughead.

Archie Loves Betty And Veronica

Archie Loves Betty And Veronica

  I thought we were already this triangle already. Archie loves Betty Cooper as a childhood friend, stop bringing this up everytime Veronica! From – Archie #26

Cheryl And Jason Blossom's Real Father

Cheryl And Jason Blossom’s Real Father

Cheryl Blossom discovered a few issues back that their “father” wasn’t really who he says he was. We learn now that their real father, who’s still nameless, is in prison. […]

Reggie Mantle Goes To Jail

Reggie Mantle Goes To Jail

Reggie Mantle is arrested by the police because of his drag racing against Archie Andrews resulted in Betty Cooper’s paralysis. From – Archie #24