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Tag: Arkady Gregorivich

Weapon X VS Azazel

Weapon X VS Azazel

  Impressive of Azazel to take on the entire X-Force group, but then again they weren’t trying to kill him. From – Weapon X Vol. 3 #25

Deadpool VS Weapon X

Deadpool VS Weapon X

  This fight between Deadpool and Weapon X delivered in so many ways. I particularly liked Deadpool referencing Vanessa from the movies. Poor Monet having her hair burned by napalm […]

Warpath Breaks The Sound Barrier

Warpath Breaks The Sound Barrier

Two things I learned about Warpath today: His flight is top notch if he can break the sound barrier. Sabretooth didn’t argue against Lady Deathstrike when she proclaimed that Warpath’s […]