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Batman And Catwoman VS Bane (Rebirth)

Batman And Catwoman VS Bane (Rebirth)

  Batman and Catwoman working together against Bane. Batman was about to break Bane’s back when his father from the Flashpoint universe, or Earth, intervenes and shoots them both. From […]

Flashpoint Batman VS The Bat Family

Flashpoint Batman VS The Bat Family

  Thomas Wayne Batman is a beast, being able to defeat the Bat family comprised of Batwoman, Batgirl, Orphan, Red Robin, Robin, Huntress and the Signal. Orphan alone is such […]


The Ventriloquist VS Psycho Pirate

I was puzzled when Batman took the Ventriloquist along on a dangerous mission when he didn’t even have his Scarface puppet. Pretty clever resolution to Psycho Pirate’s power set. From […]