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Tag: billy cranston

Megazord VS Lord Zedd

Megazord VS Lord Zedd

Megazord won when Lord Zedd shrunk to his original size and decided to run. From – Justice League – Power Rangers #6

Power Rangers VS An Army Of Goldars

Power Rangers VS An Army Of Goldars

  At least the comics is doing the logical thing that the TV series neglected… overwhelming the Rangers with superior numbers. And actually having Finster create better monsters than just […]


Lord Drakkon

So the question is… is Lord Drakkon a clone of Tommy Oliver? Or is he a possible alternate future version? From – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11


Tommy Oliver Discovers Saba

Tommy and Billy were transported into the future so this first meeting between Tommy and Saba technically doesn’t count. From – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11