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The Green Lanterns Discover The Foundry

The Green Lanterns Discover The Foundry

  The Foundry, located directly under the Green Lantern Corps Central Battery, is where the Guardians of the Universe forged the Green Lantern rings, as well as creating the Manhunters. […]

John Stewart Kills Mogo

John Stewart Kills Mogo

  John Stewart, wearing an Indigo ring, channels the Black Lantern energy within Mogo’s core and kills him with it. I get his reasoning that the longer the mind-controlled Mogo […]

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Kills Krona

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Kills Krona

  Green Lantern rings have a safeguard that prevents them from killing a Guardians of the Universe, but somehow Hal Jordan was able to overcome that and kill Krona, the […]