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Batman VS Crypsis

Batman VS Crypsis

  Batman battles a master thief and new villain, Crypsis. His suit allows him to phase through stuff, make short range teleportation, and camouflage himself. So a combination of Kitty […]

The Joker Kills The Designer

The Joker Kills The Designer

  The Designer sounds like an ultra planner. I like the explanation of how he would help the villains outwit Batman: by going 10 levels ahead of their normal heists […]

Jokerbot (Batman Vol. 2 #50)

  One of the many batsuits commissioned by Gotham City for their own Batman, Jim Gordon, was decked in the colors of the Joker. From – Batman Vol. 2 #50

Batman Vol. 2 #50

Batman Revived By Dionesium

  I suppose you should feel good. Much as I hate to admit it…when you were revived by the dionesium, your body was fully healed. All the years of scarring…they’re […]

Bruce Wayne (Batman Vol. 2 #48)

Bruce Wayne (Batman Vol. 2 #48)

  Bruce Wayne with amnesia decides to become Batman again, and demands Alfred Pennyworth to take him to the batcave. From – Batman Vol. 2 #48