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Aquaman And Mera VS Corum Rath

Aquaman And Mera VS Corum Rath

A bit anti-climatic ending for Corum Rath, turned into a deformed creature that he hates. I understand why the writers didn’t kill him off though. We spent so many issues […]

Why Murk Betrayed Aquaman

Why Murk Betrayed Aquaman

I don’t think anybody really believed that Murk could defeat Aquaman, even without the powerful trident. But it’s finally good to know what happened when Murk supposedly killed Aquaman a […]

the ninth tride

The Ninth Tride

The Ninth Tride is socially and literally the lowest quarter of the city-state. It straddles, and falls sheer into, the carnac abyss that splits the city north to south, a […]