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Tag: dark knights

Batman VS Superman (Earth -1)

Superman (Batman – The Devastator)

The Superman from Earth -1 turned on his allies without any rhyme or reason. Batman had no choice but to use the Doomsday Virus on himself in order to beat […]

Batman VS Superman (Earth -1)

Batman VS Superman (Earth -1)

The backstory of the Devastator from Earth -1 sounds intriguing. What did happen to Superman and he started killing everyone in his world? I feel like siding with the Batman […]

How Bryce Wayne Became The Drowned

Bryce Wayne Kills Aquawoman (Earth -11)

  Since Earth -11 seems to be an Earth where the genders are reversed, I suppose Bryce Wayne is Batwoman in this instance. Batwoman kills Aquawoman? Batman – The Drowned […]