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Darkseid Commits Suicide (DCeased)

Darkseid Commits Suicide (DCeased)

  Darkseid becomes corrupted with the anti-life equation, and his madness drove him to kill himself in the grandest way possible, by destroying himself and the planet Apokolips. From – […]

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

  Not the least surprised that Green Lantern Guy Gardner threw the first punch, or even chose a punch as his mode of attack. What’s troubling though is his casual […]

Zeus (Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #36)

Zeus (Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #36)

  Okay I am hyped now for the next issue. Zeus was pretending to the Wonder Woman’s lawyer all this time! Can’t wait to see an old god battle a […]

Wonder Woman VS Darkseid (Rebirth)

Wonder Woman VS Darkseid (Rebirth)

  Even a powered down Darkseid is still too much for Wonder Woman. Or is it because Grail and Jason are there to back him up that he bested Wonder […]

Grail Kills The Bastards Of Zeus

Grail Kills The Bastards Of Zeus

I don’t recognize any of these demigods. I wonder if Grail is a match of some of the actual gods that Zeus fathered, like Apollo or Ares. That last demigod […]