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Nemesis Poisons Wonder Woman (Rebirth)

Nemesis Poisons Wonder Woman (Rebirth)

  Nemesis bites Wonder Woman in the arm and shows what her power is: poisoning the bitten individual with hate and jealousy, driving them into a rage. Nemesis boasts even […]

What Catwoman Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

What Catwoman Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

  Frankly I’m getting tired of the unending “Batman can’t be happy and be Batman” line these past issues. The story’s really not going anywhere either. From – Batman Vol. 3 […]

Wonder Woman VS Nemesis (Rebirth)

Wonder Woman VS Nemesis (Rebirth)

  We never did find out how strong Nemesis is, since she doesn’t seem that invested in this fight. Although Wonder Woman has done battle with much stronger Olympus gods […]

Jason VS The Deep Six

Jason VS The Deep Six

  Wonder Woman’s twin brother, Jason, fights the entire Deep Six, and meets Grail for the first time. From – Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #42