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The Cheetah's Childhood (Rebirth)

The Cheetah’s Childhood (Rebirth)

  Barbara Ann Minerva, known as the Cheetah, was a brilliant polyglot who became an archaeologist obsessed with finding proof about the Amazons. From – Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #8

Wonder Woman VS Urzkartaga

Wonder Woman VS Urzkartaga

  Wonder Woman, with the help of the Cheetah and some girls, was able to defeat Urzkartaga. With his demise, the Cheetah’s curse was finally broken and she returned to […]

Steve Trevor VS Team Poison

Steve Trevor VS Team Poison

  Steve Trevor takes on a dangerous squad of women with just traps and primitive weapons, while Wonder Woman is incapacitated. From – Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #13

Blackest Night (Green Lantern Vol. 4 #50)

Blackest Night (Green Lantern Vol. 4 #50)

  In need of additional lanterns against the Black Lantern Corps, Ganthet triggered an old failsafe on all of the lantern rings and deputized several heroes and villains into the […]

Harley Quinn Escapes From The Trinity

Harley Quinn Escapes From The Trinity

  Harley Quinn taking Batman hostage…. I’m supposed to believe this? I can understand Superman being angry at Batman for carrying Kryptonite, hence throwing shade by saying “Harley’s as good […]