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Conan The Barbarian Meets Doctor Doom

Conan The Barbarian Meets Doctor Doom

  What I don’t understand is, Doctor Doom already has Conan the Barbarian captured via the tranquilizer dart on his neck, or whatever it is. So why go the elaborate […]

Spider-Man During September 11

Spider-Man During September 11

  Only madmen could contain the thought, execute the act, fly the planes. The sane world will always be vulnerable to madmen, because we cannot go where they go to […]

Spider-Man VS A Doombot

Spider-Man VS A Doombot

  Spider-man infiltrates Doctor Doom’s castle in Latveria, and squares away against a Doombot. Spider-man gets blasted out of the castle but I believe had they continued the fight, he […]

Superior Spider-Man Gains The Power Cosmic

Superior Spider-Man Gains The Power Cosmic

Superior Spider-Man used a contraption previously used by Doctor Doom to strip the power cosmic from Terrax, and using it for himself. The Cosmic-Powered Superior Spider-Man is a mouthful. Can’t […]

All New Wolverine Kills Doctor Doom

All New Wolverine Kills Doctor Doom

  This is an alternate dystopian future their calling Old Woman Laura, a nod to the Old Man Logan series way back. Looks like Doctor Doom tried to pull a […]

Doctor Doom (Old Woman Laura)

Doctor Doom (Old Woman Laura)

  So in this future, Doctor Doom just has Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield, Spider-man’s costume, and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, decorating his throne room. From – All New Wolverine #34


The Hood Annoys Doctor Doom

I find this very humorous… As the new guy in an elite circle like this, the Hood ought to have known better. From – Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1 #1