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How The G-Men Recruits New Members

How The G-Men Recruits New Members

  A G-Wiz member explains that John Godolkin, the Professor X-like figure in the Boys universe, actually kidnaps children. They’re then promised to be turned into superheroes and all the […]

Vought American Kills The G-Men

Vought American Kills The G-Men

  The Boys were about to tangle with the entire G-men and it’s other factions: G-force, G-style, G-brits, and etc. Just when it was about to go down, helicopters from […]

G-Men (The Boys)

G-Men (The Boys)

  The counterparts of the X-men in the Boys universe: the G-men. They even have multiple groups like G-men, G-force, G-style, G-wiz, to mimic the various groups of the X-men […]