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Superman Kills The Flash (DCeased)

Superman Kills The Flash (DCeased)

  Superman kills a zombified Flash by flying straight at him at super speed. Really smart of Superman to attack Flash from the other side, since he wouldn’t be able […]

Firestorm Kills Martian Manhunter (DCeased)

Firestorm Kills Martian Manhunter (DCeased)

  A zombified Martian Manhunter starts attacking every hero, and Lex Luthor, inside the Fortress of Solitude. He managed to kill Luthor, and infected the Flash, before Firestorm killed him […]

Cyborg Kills Giganta (DCeased)

Cyborg Kills Giganta (DCeased)

  Superman and Wonder Woman did the heavy damage on the large zombified Giganta, but it was Cyborg who took the headshot and permanently put her down, despite Superman’s protests […]

Ishmael Defeats The Outsiders

Ishmael Defeats The Outsiders

  Ishmael may have been outnumbered but he has healing abilities, and an area damage that can knock out even meta-humans like the Signal and Black Lightning. From – Batman […]

Cassandra Cain VS Karma

Cassandra Cain VS Karma

  I think the fight between Orphan Cassandra Cain and Karma was cut short. Sure he’s a mind reader and has the upper hand, but Cassandra was doing her best […]

Jessica Cruz Wants To Date Nightwing

Jessica Cruz Wants To Date Nightwing

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz downloads a dating app catering solely to super heroes, upon the recommendation of her partner Simon Baz. First superhero she thought, or hoped for, was none […]