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Death Of Chamber

Death Of Chamber

What a sad way to go for Chamber, although he did just kill a group of mutants who surrendered. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #18

Kwannon Kills Magneto's Clone

Kwannon Kills Magneto’s Clone

  Juggernaut joins Cyclops’s X-Men team once again, despite not being a mutant himself. Then just when Joseph, Magneto’s clone, was surrendering, he gets decapitated by Kwannon, who’s relationship with […]

X-Men VS Cyborg Dark Beast

X-Men VS Cyborg Dark Beast

  I don’t even know how Dark Beast came to life after Cyclops killed him in Uncanny X-Men Volume 3. But I guess if Mister Sinester is involved then whatever… […]

Cassandra Cain VS Karma

Cassandra Cain VS Karma

  I think the fight between Orphan Cassandra Cain and Karma was cut short. Sure he’s a mind reader and has the upper hand, but Cassandra was doing her best […]

How Batman Traumatized Karma (Rebirth)

How Batman Traumatized Karma (Rebirth)

  Here’s another instance of Batman creating another of his own villains. Never thought Batman would actually use fear gas to torture someone but based on his description of the […]

How Batman Defeated Karma (Rebirth)

How Batman Defeated Karma (Rebirth)

Feels like old news. How do you beat someone who reads your mind? Batman just unleashed all his unpleasant memories to overload Karma. From – Detective Comics Vol. 1 #987