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Green Lantern Kyle Rayner VS General Zod

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner VS General Zod

Despite wielding Hal Jordan’s unique Green Lantern ring, Kyle Rayner still loses to General Zod. But then again, the planet they’re on has 2 yellow suns giving the Kryptonian general […]

Guy Gardner Refuses To Hit A Kid

Guy Gardner Refuses To Hit A Kid

  Gotta give it to Guy Gardner here, he stuck to his personal code of not beating up kids, even a little shit like Lor-Zod. From – Hal Jordan And The […]

Why Amon Sur Became Evil

Why Amon Sur Became Evil

You know what they say about great men and their children… it becomes a burden for the kids to handle the greatness of their father. Amon Sur went on the […]

How Batman Became The Dawnbreaker

How Batman Became The Dawnbreaker

I sorta hoped Sinestro would be among the Green Lanterns who came to apprehend Bruce Wayne, or the Dawnbreaker as he prefers to be called. From – Batman – The […]