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Kilowog Describes The Green Lanterns (Earth One)

From - Green Lantern: Earth One Kilowog-Describes-The-Green-Lanterns-Earth-One-2-e1576374904713
In Earth One, the Green Lantern Corps have been decimated and most of its Green Lanterns scattered and in hiding. The Manhunters are in power and they hunt all existing Green Lanterns.

The Green Lantern Corps were once based on the central world of Oa. They — we — were peacekeepers. But this was a long time ago. Before my great-grandfather was born.

The Manhunters rose up and killed them all. The rings were scattered through the galaxy. Mine was passed down through generations. And I’ve heard there are others. Some say Oans created the Manhunters, too. I don’t know for sure. There are many stories. But the Manhunters control everything now. The entire galaxy, perhaps. For most, that’s just the way things are.

From – Green Lantern – Earth 1

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