A complete list of all Green Lantern – Earth 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. Manhunter (Green Lantern: Earth One)
  2. Green Lantern Hal Jordan Destroys A Manhunter (Earth One)
  3. Kilowog (Earth One)
  4. Kilowog Describes The Green Lanterns (Earth One)
  5. Green Lantern Kilowog Trains Hal Jordan (Earth 1)
  6. Hal Jordan Meets Green Lantern Arisia (Earth 1)
  7. Green Lantern Main Battery (Earth 1)
  8. Hal Jordan Reforms The Green Lantern Corps (Earth 1)
  9. Green Lantern Corps VS Manhunters (Earth 1)
  10. Hal Jordan (Green Lantern – Earth 1)

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