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Tag: matt murdock

How Much Daredevil Respects Spider-Man

How Much Daredevil Respects Spider-Man

  Spider-man usually plays the comic character, so it’s always a treat to see him in serious mode. He tells Daredevil to stop being a superhero after the latter accidentally […]

Daredevil Gets Arrested By Cops

Daredevil Gets Arrested By Cops

  Daredevil gets surrounded by the NYPD. He then starts reminding them all of the people he’s help and saved, then challenges detective Cole North to a fist fight, despite […]

Darevil Kills A Robber

Darevil Kills A Robber

  Daredevil, having come from an injury and still not fully 100%, tries to stop a store robbery against 3 robbers. He flounders and barely escapes with his life. During […]

War Machine Punisher VS Captain Marvel

War Machine Punisher VS Captain Marvel

    War Machine Punisher going against Captain Marvel Carol Danvers. Of course it ends with Frank Castle escaping since their power levels aren’t on an equal footing. Frank even […]