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Spider-Man/Deadpool #6

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6

  They can’t see you because you’re not part of the MCU! I’m actually surprised you’re in the same movie studio! From – Spider-Man – Deadpool #6

Deadpool VS Gambit

Deadpool VS Gambit

  Deadpool and Gambit pulled of a diamond heist earlier in this comic while wearing Daredevil and Spider-man costumes. From – Deadpool VS Gambit #1

How The 2nd New Avengers Was Formed

How The 2nd New Avengers Was Formed

The first New Avengers was formed accidentally when a bunch of them teamed up together to contain a prison escape on the Raft. This 2nd version of the New Avengers […]

superior spider-man attacks shadowland

Superior Spider-Man Attacks Shadowland

  Shadowland is a fortress in New York that used to be the base of operations of Daredevil when he led the Hand. When Daredevil was exorcised of the evil influence […]