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Cyclops Tries To Recruit Matthew Malloy

Cyclops Tries To Recruit Matthew Malloy

  After attempts by powerful psychics like Rachel Summers and Exodus failed, with the latter even dying at the hands of Matthew Malloy, Cyclops decides on a very daring plan […]

Matthew Malloy Can't Be Killed

Matthew Malloy Can’t Be Killed

  Matthew Malloy is a huge anomaly as a mutant. Power over space, physics, and now death. He literally resurrected himself after being shot with missiles by SHIELD. From – Uncanny […]

Matthew Malloy Kills Emma Frost

Matthew Malloy Kills Emma Frost

  Matthew Malloy just one punches Emma Frost and kills her, transforming her into either a pile of diamonds, or a big foam of bubbles. Hard to tell with that […]

Matthew Mallow Kills Exodus And Headlok

Matthew Mallow Kills Exodus And Headlok

  Matthew Malloy’s instinctive psychic defenses were so strong he killed, perhaps not even in purpose, Exodus and Headlok from a long distance. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #26

Matthew Malloy's Mutant Powers Activates 2

Matthew Malloy’s Mutant Powers Activates

  Matthew Malloy’s mutant powers manifests despite being old, usually mutant powers appears during puberty. His power set seems to be so destructive I can’t tell if he’s stronger than […]

cyclops shows he's different from magneto

Cyclops Shows He’s Different From Magneto

This is a great exchange between Magneto and Cyclops, concerning a recently discovered Omega-level mutant who can’t control his powers. Cyclops isn’t the Magneto to Wolverine’s Professor X: He’s forged […]