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Morlun Nearly Kills Spider-Man

Morlun Nearly Kills Spider-Man

  Spider-man nearly died in this fight, clearly underestimating Morlun and not heeding Ezekiel’s warnings about Morlun’s fighting prowess. It’s only a stroke of luck that Morlun was not fighting […]

Spider-Man's First Fight With Morlun

Spider-Man’s First Fight With Morlun

  Spider-man’s first fight against the Inheritor Morlun. He severely underestimates him despite the serious warning Ezekiel gave him. Morlun dishes out a severe punishment on Spider-man, even at times […]

How Spider-Man Defeated Morlun

How Spider-Man Defeated Morlun

  Spider-man injects himself on purpose with some sort of radioactive material, thereby preventing Morlun from sucking out his essence. This is the first instance that Inheritors like Morlun are […]