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Animal Man Dies (Injustice II)

Animal Man Dies (Injustice II)

  Even though it’s not shown in the comic, I think it’s Deadshot who killed Animal Man by shooting him in the head. Athanasia al Ghul called in the Suicide […]

The Trial Of Batwoman

The Trial Of Batwoman

  It’s not every day Batman calls the entire family into the batcave. So glad Red Hood was invited. From – Detective Comics Vol. 1 #975

Jessica Cruz Wants To Date Nightwing

Jessica Cruz Wants To Date Nightwing

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz downloads a dating app catering solely to super heroes, upon the recommendation of her partner Simon Baz. First superhero she thought, or hoped for, was none […]

Nightwing As An Exotic Dancer

Nightwing As An Exotic Dancer

  Dick Grayson pretends to be an exotic dancer for a bachelorette party in order get inside a guarded building. Nobody ever said going under cover is an easy job. […]

Batman VS Bane (Rebirth)

Batman VS Bane (Rebirth)

After enduring a massive beatdown, Batman beats Bane by a head butt. I feel cheated. From – Batman Vol. 3 #20