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Carnage Paralyzes The Scorpion

Norman Osborn, who thinks he’s Carnage, stabs the Scorpion in the back and paralyzes him, making him lose all sensations of his legs. From – Absolute Carnage #2

Norman Osborn (Absolute Carnage #1)

Norman Osborn (Absolute Carnage #1)

  After bonding with the Carnage Symbiote and losing to Spider-man, Norman Osborn’s psyche shattered. He now believes he’s Cletus Kasady. From – Absolute Carnage #1

Spider-Man Saves Norman Osborn's Life

Spider-Man Saves Norman Osborn’s Life

This is what separates Spider-man from the other heroes. You can call him extremely naive, but he really does believe in the words his Uncle Ben instilled in him. “With […]

How Spider-Man Beat The Red Goblin

How Spider-Man Beat The Red Goblin

Luckily Spider-man is smart and he figured out that in order to beat the Red Goblin, he had to appeal to Norman Osborn’s ego. Nobody should defeat Spider-man but him, […]

Red Goblin Kills Flash Thompson

Red Goblin Kills Flash Thompson

  Red Goblin kills Agent Anti-Venom Flash Thompson using his Green Goblin weapons. This causes Spider-man to go berserk while in the Venom symbiote. From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 […]

Harry Osborn VS Red Goblin

Harry Osborn VS Red Goblin

  Nice throwback to the old comics and the Tobey Maguire movie where the Green Goblin gets impaled with his own glider. From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #800

Doctor Octopus Protecting Aunt May

Doctor Octopus Protecting Aunt May

  Spider-man forgives Doctor Octopus for all his past villain deeds because the latter put his life on the line saving Aunt May. I guess all those memories he took […]