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Ocean Master's Life On Dry Land

Ocean Master’s Life On Dry Land

  I’m so stoked that Ocean Master’s getting back into the picture. I like how he’s not completely evil, and he even loves his half-brother Aquaman. Happy to see he […]

tula (new 52)

Tula (New 52)

In the New 52, Tula is the half brother of Ocean Master. They both share the same father, while Ocean Master and Aquaman share the same mother. – Aquaman Vol. […]

murk (new 52)

Murk (New 52)

Murk: I am Murk. Leader of the Men-of-War: frontline army of the great nation of Atlantis. I trained in the fire pits. I alone survived them so that I could […]

vulko started the war with atlantis

Vulko Started The War With Atlantis

In this issue we finally learn who attacked Atlantis and started the war between Atlantis and the surface world. It appears it was Vulko who hired Black Manta to retrieve […]


Comic Terms For Newbies

Have you even been in that situation? You’re talking to someone who’s into comic books or reading a wiki entry of a comic book, and all these unfamiliar words keep […]