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Darth Vader Kills Grand General Tagge

Darth Vader Kills Grand General Tagge

And this is the official story of how Darth Vader came to own the Super-star destroyer the Executor. Ozzel looks clumsy as he is stupid as ever. So many kills […]


Darth Vader Kills Doctor Aphra

Aphra betrayed Darth Vader by divulging his secret activities to Emperor Palpatine. To her surprise, the Emperor was proud of Darth Vader’s antics — praising them as traits of a […]

Darth Vader Kills Inspector Thanoth

Darth Vader Kills Inspector Thanoth

  Even after being betrayed by Palpatine, Darth Vader refuses to turn on his master. Or is he planning on a different gambit? Quite perplexing why he didn’t take on […]

marvel star wars 1

History Of Star Wars Comics

Star Wars is arguably one of the most famous and well-known sagas in the planet. I think you would be very hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t even at […]

darth vader learns luke is his son

Darth Vader Learns Luke Is His Son

So this is now the official version of how Darth Vader learned that Luke Skywalker is his son, the information inadvertently  came from Boba Fett. – Star Wars: Darth Vader […]