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Doctor Manhattan Kills The Reverse Flash

Doctor Manhattan Kills The Reverse Flash

  So that’s how Reverse Flash died… still not enough details. They could have just left it alone in this scene if there wasn’t even any dialogue from Doctor Manhattan. I […]

Death Of Reverse Flash (Rebirth)

Death Of Reverse Flash (Rebirth)

Tough luck for Reverse-Flash – he just got resurrected somehow by the button and he’s now dead again. Am I overthinking it that because there’s a blue hue in the […]

Batman VS Reverse Flash (Rebirth)

Batman VS Reverse Flash (Rebirth)

Batman was waiting for the Flash to arrive after the latter promised to be in the batcave in one minute. The letter that Reverse-Flash tore up was the one given […]

new suicide squad

New Suicide Squad

  This is the new Suicide Squad team assembled by Amanda Waller. Their debut is scheduled for the June issue of Suicide Squad.

metron describes the dc crises

Metron Describes The DC Crises

This is a nice read. We get to see Metron’s perspective on all of the reality-altering crises that the DC universe had. From the Crisis of Infinite Earths, Hal Jordan […]