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Category: Black Manta

Aquaman Attacks Black Manta And N.E.M.O

Aquaman Attacks Black Manta And N.E.M.O

They haven’t even tussled yet but I’m already so happy with this payoff. It’s been an extremely satisfying story arc and Aquaman deserved one. From – Aquaman Vol. 8 #14

N.E.M.O Unleashes Its Secret Weapon

N.E.M.O Unleashes Its Secret Weapon

Black Manta is now the leader of the secret organization N.E.M.O after his coup. Later in this next issue it’s shown that this monster is actually the Shaggy Man. From […]


Black Manta Kills King Fisher

Did Black Manta just inherited an army? Bad luck for Aquaman, his most calculating nemesis just gained massive resources to make his life even more miserable. From – Aquaman Vol. […]

N.E.M.O Recruits Black Manta

N.E.M.O Recruits Black Manta

It’s already been heavily established that you don’t come near Black Manta, he’s very deadly with his hands. From – Aquaman Vol. 8 #3

How Aquaman Defeated Black Manta (Rebirth)

How Aquaman Defeated Black Manta (Rebirth)

This blind spot, or weakness, of Black Manta’s been touched repeatedly as far back as Forever Evil. He actually wanted to kill the Crime Syndicate because he believed that they […]