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Tag: Roberto da Costa


Cyclops’s Funeral

  Strange why he was buried in Muir Island, I sorta thought he’d be buried with the other X-men in Westchester like the other fallen X-men. That epitaph though… From […]


Black Bolt Kills Cyclops

So much jumbled feelings for this. I knew he was gonna die — that was the whole premise of this mini series after all. I had a bad feeling that […]

namor's friend

Namor’s Friend With Benefits

Hepzibah: “Friend.” Riiiiight. Sunspot: Wait, do you mean– Namor: Namor does not speak of his conquests. Hepzibah: That’s good to know. Namor: Though he perfectly understands that others oft wish […]

involve nudity

Hepzibah Flirts With Namor

Hepzibah: Hey, after this is all over, we should kick back and relax for a little. Namor: Would this relaxation involve nudity? Hepzibah: It would involve nudity! Namor: Then this […]