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Black Bolt Kills Cyclops

blackbolt-kills-cyclops blackbolt-kills-cyclops blackbolt-kills-cyclops blackbolt-kills-cyclops

So much jumbled feelings for this. I knew he was gonna die — that was the whole premise of this mini series after all. I had a bad feeling that Marvel was gonna screw Cyclops over again but seeing how he went out, how he was still fighting for the mutants in the end, I’ve made my peace with it. Grudgingly. I remind myself it could have gone much worse with the spat between Fox and Marvel. At least Cyclops got to go out in a badass way; the Inhumans are shown to be uncompromising dicks, and Marvel finally gets to stop their character assassination of Cyclops.

That last speech though, it’s as if he knew he was going to die right then and there.

Of course, we later find out that this wasn’t really how Cyclops died. Here’s an explanation from Emma Frost on how Cyclops really died.

From – Death Of X #4

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