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Tag: Emma Frost

The Marauders

The Marauders

  Kitty Pryde starts her own splinter group from the X-men, calling themselves the Marauders. Their chief mission is to bring mutants to Krakoa who can’t do so themselves, usually […]

How Emma Frost Saved The Mutants

How Emma Frost Saved The Mutants

  Emma Frost had Mister Sinister, Doctor Nemesis and Fabian Cortez operate on her in order to boost her telepathic powers, and then making the world forget that mutants existed. […]

O.N.E. Kills Vanisher

O.N.E. Kills Vanisher

  I wasn’t even aware that Vanisher has come back to life. Last I heard of him he was killed during the events of X-Men: Second Coming. From – Uncanny […]

Emma Frost Betrays The Mutants To ONE

Emma Frost Betrays The Mutants To ONE

  I fucking hate that Rosenberg did this. Emma Frost betraying mutantkind by mind-controlling Anole into delivering a mutant cure to O.N.E.? That disregards her entire story arc! She stood […]

Death Of Chamber

Death Of Chamber

What a sad way to go for Chamber, although he did just kill a group of mutants who surrendered. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #18

Matthew Malloy Kills Emma Frost

Matthew Malloy Kills Emma Frost

  Matthew Malloy just one punches Emma Frost and kills her, transforming her into either a pile of diamonds, or a big foam of bubbles. Hard to tell with that […]

How Much Emma Frost Loves Cyclops

How Much Emma Frost Loves Cyclops

  It’s such a shame these two never got over their fight during Avengers VS X-Men. I think Cyclops, who was possessed by the Phoenix Force, should give Emma Frost […]

What Is Cyclops' Mutant Revolution

What Is Cyclops’ Mutant Revolution

  Since the start of this Uncanny X-Men series, Cyclops has been announcing to the world about an upcoming mutant revolution, and he finally admits here what it was all […]

Professor X Married Mystique

Professor X Married Mystique

  Well that’s quite a revelation. At some point in the past Professor X married Mystique. Why? From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #24