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Darth Vader VS Ferren Barr

Darth Vader VS Ferren Barr

  A duel between the Sith Lord Darth Vader and Jedi Ferren Barr, while the Empire’s Star Destroyers are conducting an orbital bombardment on the Mon Calamari cities. It took […]

R2-D2 Flies Against Darth Vader

R2-D2 Flies Against Darth Vader

  R2-D2 flying an X-wing with C-3PO against Darth Vader. I’m choosing to believe that if Luke Skywalker and Han Solo hadn’t intervened in the end, Artoo would be space […]

The Executor (Darth Vader #20)

The Executor (Darth Vader #20)

So on the new continuity, the Executor was General Tagge’s flagship instead of Darth Vader. I suppose we’ll learn in the upcoming issues how it became Darth Vader’s. From – […]

darth vader learns luke is his son

Darth Vader Learns Luke Is His Son

So this is now the official version of how Darth Vader learned that Luke Skywalker is his son, the information inadvertently  came from Boba Fett. – Star Wars: Darth Vader […]