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The Titans (Injustice II #57)

The Titans (Injustice II #58)

  Their pose sorta reminds me of the X-men in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men run. Cyclops was leading the team as they boarded the blackbird. From – Injustice 2 #58

Batman's Team VS Amazo (Injustice II)

Teen Titans (Injustice II #45)

Teen Titans comprised of Superboy wearing an old costume of Superman, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Steel, who I’m not sure if was invited to be part of the group or […]

Batman's Team VS Amazo (Injustice II)

Batman’s Team VS Amazo (Injustice II)

  They’re really writing Amazo to be unstoppable here in the Injustice universe. Granted, Batman’s team isn’t the Justice League, but they still have some heavy hitters. From – Injustice 2 […]