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Superman Kills The Flash (DCeased)

Superman Kills The Flash (DCeased)

  Superman kills a zombified Flash by flying straight at him at super speed. Really smart of Superman to attack Flash from the other side, since he wouldn’t be able […]

Lois Lane Punches Lex Luthor (DCeased)

Lois Lane Punches Lex Luthor (DCeased)

  Lex Luthor working with the heroes to find a way to save all the survivors from the anti-life equation zombies, but he still couldn’t resist taking a swipe at […]

The Superman Who Laughs 1

The Superman Who Laughs

  In order to trick the Batman Who Laughs, Superman decided to go undercover. If he really did infect himself with the Joker venom to turn into the Superman Who […]

Batman Can Read Kryptonian (Rebirth)

Batman Can Read Kryptonian (Rebirth)

It’s already been established before the New 52 reboot that Batman can read Kryptonian. Not sure though if this is the first instance it was mentioned in Rebirth. From – […]