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The Vision’s House

It’s more like a really cool museum! I guess any stuffs Captain America had back in the days are automatically considered historical relics. From – The Vision Vol. 2 #1


The Vision Saved The World 37 Times

Such sass! I love it. Reminds me of the argument Iron Man used on the panel hearing regarding the Superhuman Registration Act. Later on in the series, Vision lists down […]


Iron Man VS The Hammer

The Hammer is one of the Hydra Four, clones of the Avengers made by Hydra. This clone of course is cloned from Thor. From – Amazing Spider-man Vol. 1 #520


Hydra Clones The Avengers

This is their entry on the Marvel wiki. The Hydra Four were Hydra versions of the Avengers sent into Manhattan to cause havoc in an attempt to draw out the […]

astonishing x-men

Astonishing X-Men Volume 3

This is actually the third volume of the Astonishing X-men series, and in my opinion the most celebrated one because of one main reason: Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire […]

Emma Frost to Thor

Emma Frost: I should have guessed that a boy who takes such girlish efforts with his long locks would hit like one. – AVX VS #4

avengers recruitment

How The Avengers Recruit Heroes

Iron Man: We have beer. Wolverine: Sold. Iron Man: We have money. Spider-Man: Oh, thank God. Iron Man: I dunno… Birdseed? The Falcon: Phhst. – Avengers Vol. 5 #2