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Tag: the cheetah

Billy Batson Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

Billy Batson Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

  So that’s why Shazam didn’t make an appearance on the previous DCeased issues. Damn, he got turned into a zombie as Billy Batson. So that’s another heavyweight taken out […]

DCeased: The Unkillables #1

DCeased: The Unkillables #1

  The other survivors of the anti-life equation virus. Looks like a new iteration of the Suicide Squad to be honest. From – DCeased: The Unkillables #1

The Cheetah's Childhood (Rebirth)

The Cheetah’s Childhood (Rebirth)

  Barbara Ann Minerva, known as the Cheetah, was a brilliant polyglot who became an archaeologist obsessed with finding proof about the Amazons. From – Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #8

Wonder Woman VS Urzkartaga

Wonder Woman VS Urzkartaga

  Wonder Woman, with the help of the Cheetah and some girls, was able to defeat Urzkartaga. With his demise, the Cheetah’s curse was finally broken and she returned to […]