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Riri Williams Meets Victor Von Doom

Riri Williams Meets Victor Von Doom

Infamous Iron Man and Invincible Iron Man, or Ironheart as she’s more commonly known, are arguing on who gets to carry on Tony Start’s legacy of Iron Man. From – Infamous […]

Infamous Iron Man VS Wizard

Infamous Iron Man VS Wizard

It’s not every day someone gets the better of Victor Von Doom twice. Wizard’s just earned himself a record. From – Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1 #6

Why Mephisto Hates Victor Von Doom

Why Mephisto Hates Victor Von Doom

The demon has his good points. Refreshing to hear an opinion about Doctor Strange and Victor Von Doom from a unique perspective like Mephisto. From – Infamous Iron Man Vol. […]


Infamous Iron Man Volume 1

Infamous Iron Man is a Marvel comic series detailing the adventures of Victor Von Doom, who’s more known as the villain Doctor Doom, as he tries his hand at being a […]

Mephisto (Infamous Iron Man #11)

Mephisto (Infamous Iron Man #11)

  So Mephisto doesn’t want Victor Von Doom to earn redemption because he wants him in hell. Sounds like the plot of the Constantine movie. From – Infamous Iron Man Vol. […]


The Hood Annoys Doctor Doom

I find this very humorous… As the new guy in an elite circle like this, the Hood ought to have known better. From – Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1 #1