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Superior Spider-Man Gains The Power Cosmic

Superior Spider-Man Gains The Power Cosmic

Superior Spider-Man used a contraption previously used by Doctor Doom to strip the power cosmic from Terrax, and using it for himself. The Cosmic-Powered Superior Spider-Man is a mouthful. Can’t […]

All New Wolverine Kills Doctor Doom

All New Wolverine Kills Doctor Doom

  This is an alternate dystopian future their calling Old Woman Laura, a nod to the Old Man Logan series way back. Looks like Doctor Doom tried to pull a […]

Doctor Doom (Old Woman Laura)

Doctor Doom (Old Woman Laura)

  So in this future, Doctor Doom just has Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield, Spider-man’s costume, and Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, decorating his throne room. From – All New Wolverine #34