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Magik Destroys The Gem Of Cyttorak

Magik Destroys The Gem Of Cyttorak

  Magik turns into her Darkchylde form after O.N.E activated the mutant cure on her. She then defends herself from Juggernaut and easily takes out the gem of Cyttorak from […]

Wolverine Kills Velocidad

Wolverine Kills Velocidad

  Poor Velocidad. First, his mutant powers is forcing him to grow old quickly, as in a very accelerated rate. Then he gets tortured by O.N.E. and is kept as […]

Magik Kills Dark Beast

Magik Kills Dark Beast

  Magik used her teleportation powers to phase Dark Beast into the ceiling, effectively decapitating him. From – Uncanny X-men Vol. 5 #20

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #18

  Rosenberg turns Emma Frost into a traitor in this issue, which doesn’t make sense at all if one knows Emma’s character.

O.N.E. Kills Vanisher

O.N.E. Kills Vanisher

  I wasn’t even aware that Vanisher has come back to life. Last I heard of him he was killed during the events of X-Men: Second Coming. From – Uncanny […]

Emma Frost Betrays The Mutants To ONE

Emma Frost Betrays The Mutants To ONE

  I fucking hate that Rosenberg did this. Emma Frost betraying mutantkind by mind-controlling Anole into delivering a mutant cure to O.N.E.? That disregards her entire story arc! She stood […]

How Havok Beat Mister Sinister

How Havok Beat Mister Sinister

  Mister Sinister used his clones to turn himself into a giant version of himself, like a poor super sentai monster knockoff. Havok proceeds to unload all of his powers […]

Death Of Chamber

Death Of Chamber

What a sad way to go for Chamber, although he did just kill a group of mutants who surrendered. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #18

How Wolfsbane Died

How Wolfsbane Died

  Not a fan of how Wolfsbane died. Against 5 ordinary teens? All she needed to do was transform and defend herself, or even run away, nobody ever said she […]

Kwannon Kills Magneto's Clone

Kwannon Kills Magneto’s Clone

  Juggernaut joins Cyclops’s X-Men team once again, despite not being a mutant himself. Then just when Joseph, Magneto’s clone, was surrendering, he gets decapitated by Kwannon, who’s relationship with […]